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Hey everyone! Welcome to She's Gone Country! Hope you like the new site!Keep checking back for updates on everything country - music, lifestyle, celebs, events and more!

The She's Gone Country girls are Andrea C & Sarah Bradley, two music lover and long-time friends. The girls met in 1999 through their mutual love for late 90s brother bands and their friendship grew over the years.

The pair decided to combine their appreciation and lover for music, writing, festivals, journalism, cowboy boots & all things country, and She's Gone Country was born!!


Since its inception in 2013, She's Gone Country has had the pleasure of checking out some of the greatest festivals in the Northeast, interviewed local and international country acts, experienced some of the greatest attractions music city has to offer and tried to share their experiences with the country community around the world.

We are excited for all the exciting events coming up this summer. We hope to have some exclusive coverage of some of the biggest country festivals and concerts this summer, fun country roadtrip tips, exclusive artist interviews and current country news and info for you.

Please feel free to let us know of anything you want to see on the site, any tips or info that you want to share, or any events that you think we should be covering. Stay tuned!

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