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INTERVIEW: Beamer Wigley

Photo by Robert M. Knight.

Born in 2002, Beamer Wigley started playing guitar when he was 5 years old, and as he loves to tell his audiences, that was when he first saw Keith Urban in the video “Start A Band” with Brad Paisley.  He turned to his Mom and said “I want to learn to play guitar.  I want to be just like Keith Urban”.  So he got his first guitar and started his first lessons.

The British Columbia-based singer has accomplished so much in his short time on the planet that his resume is as impressive as a seasoned musical veteran. In July 2016, he released his first single “Meteorite” to Country Radio and iTunes, followed up by his album of the same name, released through Big Star Recordings and Universal Music Canada during the CCMA’s in London, ON in September.  He continues to write and co-write new music with highly accomplished writers in both Canada and Nashville. She's Gone Country caught up with Beamer to talk about his experiences and what we can expect next!

She's Gone Country: It has been a really busy and successful few years for you, what are you most looking forward to this year? 

Beamer Wigley: This year what I’m really looking forward to is the release of my debut album. I have been waiting for this a long time and I am super excited to finally have the album come out. It is so awesome that we got to release it during the CCMA weekend.

SGC: Is there a moment you can remember, when you knew that you were going to focus on being a musician professionally?

BW: Yes, it was a huge moment.  I was seven and I was performing at a competition called “Our Kids Have Talent.” The ages were 8 to 18, but they allowed me to compete because they were impressed with my guitar skills. It was because of that competition that I started to write songs and sing. When I stepped on to that stage for the first time, I realized I had made the right decision, and knew that this is what I wanted to do for the rest of my life.

SGC: What is it about country music that really speaks to you?

BW: I like country music because it tells a story.  That is where I try to go with my music and in turn my songs are usually more lyric driven.

SGC: What influences your songwriting the most? What inspires you? 

BW: I’m inspired by real experiences, whether it is personal or something in the environment. It could be something I saw on TV. I get really inspired by nature. That is my main inspiration, but I can get inspired by almost anything. For instance when I was on my radio tour traveling between Red Deer and Medicine Hat, just looking at the fields flashing by, I wrote 20 or 30 usable hook lines.

SGC: How does it feel to be the youngest performer at most competitions and events?

BW: It doesn’t bother me.  I am very used to being the youngest. I have three brothers and two sisters all much, much, older than me. My oldest brother is 50.  I am always the youngest in my class, because I have a late birthday and I skipped a grade.  There have been a number of competitions that lowered their age limit so that I could compete.  I think it is cool because it also opens the door for others who are my age and want a chance!

SGC: How does it feel to have such a supportive and thriving country music scene in Canada?

BW: It is amazing! Almost everyone that I have met is very supportive and willing to give up and coming artists a helping hand.

SGC: How did it feel to be awarded membership in the Brotherhood of the Guitar

BW: It was absolutely incredible. It is an honour to be listed amongst such amazing and accomplished guitar players. I am the youngest member of the Brotherhood of the Guitar so I feel very proud.

SGC: How does playing your own show differ from being part of a theatrical performance?

BW:  With a theatrical performance I have a set character and lines I have to say. When I am doing my own show I have freedom to express myself as I please. I am not playing a character, I am playing my instrument.

SGC: Do you have any fun tour stories or fan encounters that you can share from your adventures so far?

BW: There is a very interesting one.  When I was 10, I was on an anti- bullying tour in the eastern U.S. At the end of every performance we would go into the center of the gym and dance to “Gangnam Style.”  The students were to stay on the sidelines and dance. At one school the kids decided to rush all of us performers.  The teachers immediately stopped the music and started pushing the kids back onto the sidelines.  One teacher kept trying to push me out to the sidelines because she thought I must be a student, not one of the performers.  It is funny now but at the time it was a little scary.

SGC: You are quite active on social media and regularly reply to fans on Twitter. How important is social media as a tool to connect with your fans?

BW: Social media is the most important tool for connecting with your fans.  It keeps them up to date on what you are up to.  Your fans really want to be a part of helping you attain success.  For instance I was in the Mortal Songbat on 92.9 The Bull in Saskatchewan.  When I found out I was on and let my fans know, it was amazing how quick they jumped in and started voting. They managed to help me win three times against artists such as, Toby Keith and Jason Blaine!

SGC: Is there an artist that you would love to get a Tweet from?

BW: There sure is! Keith Urban would be that artist.

SGC: What's on your iPod? Who have you been listening to lately that you think people should check out?

BW: I have Red Dress by Jojo Mason and What if I Stay by Chris Young.  Jojo Mason and Chris Young are artists I have been listening to and think that people should definitely check out.

SGC: Is there something that you are obsessed with or addicted to right now? (A phone app? TV Show? Band? Food? Song? Activity?)

BW: I am obsessed with the musical that I have been rehearsing for all summer, which is Grease! We have two more shows left. I love the late 50’s and early 60’s rockabilly music.

SGC: What would you say has been one of the coolest moments/highlights in your career so far that really made you realize you have chosen the right path for yourself?

BW: It was the same moment that I explained earlier.  The first time I stood on a stage when I was seven and felt the audiences’ support and joy. I knew nothing was ever going to compare to that euphoria.

SGC: What can people expect from you next?

BW: They can expect my debut album which is being released on September 9 in London, On.  They can expect me to keep working hard writing new songs, that they will hopefully enjoy!

SGC: And last but not least, is there a question that you have always wanted to be asked, maybe rehearsed your answer in the mirror, and no one has ever asked it? Here's your big chance!

BW: I would have to say there is really nothing that I want to be asked.  I am pretty much just what you see, a young musician trying to find his way.

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