Tuesday, 5 July 2016

INTERVIEW: Cold Creek County Chats About Their Summer Plans & Cavendish Beach Music Festival This Weekend!

It has been a busy and super successful year for Cold Creek County! The band is hitting up the festival scene around the country this summer, including playing the Cavendish Beach Music Festival this coming weekend! Cold Creek County will be playing on Friday, July 8th with The Band Perry, The Road Hammers and many more! For information and to buy tickets head over to http://cavendishbeachmusic.com/

She's Gone Country: We saw you at the CMAO Awards this year and you did really well that night! How does it feel to be part of an event that honours the incredible talent in the Ontario Country Music industry?

Cold Creek County: It's really exciting and encouraging to see how the CMAO is growing year over year and helping to both recognize and support all the country artists in Ontario. To be part of such a great group of artists and especially to be recognized the way we were with the awards that night was both shocking and humbling! 

SGC: You guys are a little bit country, a little bit rock and roll - what is it about the genres that really speak to you?

CCC: Haha you noticed that huh? We feel country music has always done a great job of telling a good story, whether it's a deeper more meaningful story or just highlighting some of the things we all love about small town life! So we love combining that with the energy and power that a rock song can bring! It's engaging for the audience and a heck of a lot of fun for us to play live!

SGC: You guys are playing a lot of big festivals around the country, what are you most looking forward to at the Cavendish Music Festival and hitting up the east coast?

CCC: Lobster!! … just kidding (sort of). No, but seriously we toured last fall with Tim Hicks/Jason Benoit and covered central and western Canada but we unfortunately did not play east! We've had a lot of fans ask us to come out east so this is a great opportunity to check us out and of course catch some amazing performances from so many wicked acts! The lineup is totally stacked this year!!

SGC: Do you have any fun tour stories or fan encounters that you can share from your adventures so far?

CCC: Well last summer at Music in the Fields Festival we went to hang at the merch table and do photos etc. after our set. So as we started posing for pictures with fans we got a request by a couple younger fans to hoist them up on our shoulders. Little did we know this would start a trend that led to us hoisting almost everyone in the lineup on our shoulders for a pic. This was a great idea at the time but none of us could use our legs for a week!

SGC: What can people expect from Cold Creek County next?

CCC: We have a ton of exciting stuff planned in the year ahead! We are going to continue to try and play as much as possible, and ideas are starting to come together for album #2! 

Be sure to check out Cold Creek County on tour this summer!!

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