Thursday, 17 March 2016

Britney Spears Surprises Sister Jamie Lynn at the Grand Ole Opry!!

How sweet!!

On Tuesday, March 15th, pop superstar Britney Spears and her brother Bryan swooped in to Nashville, Tennessee, to give their little sister Jamie Lynn a big surprise

Just as Jamie Lynn thought she was about to perform at the Grand Ole Opry, Britney and Bryan came on stage to introduce. Britney, who has been busy with her Vegas residency, was beaming with pride as she introduced Jamie Lynn: "Thanks to the Opry for letting me introduce this beautiful young lady who is my heart and my soul. Not only is she beautiful and extremely talented, but she's my little sister: Jamie Lynn Spears!"

Jamie Lynn was shocked and excited that her whole family kept the secret from her and was in tears of happiness as she tried to compose herself and prepare for her Opry performance. What an awesome way to celebrate the honor with such supportive siblings!

Check out the video below!

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