Friday, 10 July 2015

INTERVIEW: Jess Moskaluke talks life on the road and what's up next!

We had the opportunity to chat with Canadian country superstar Jess Moskaluke about life on the road, summer festival season and what's up next for her ahead of her show at the Cavendish Beach Music Festival this weekend!

SGC: 2014-2015 has been quite a world wind for you, with “Cheap Wine and Cigarettes” being certified Gold, becoming the first Canadian female solo country artist to surpass 40,000+ downloads for a song since Shania Twain – congratulations! - did you ever anticipate this kind of success?

JM: No! *laughs* I knew we had something special with “Cheap Wine and Cigarettes”, but I had no idea it would have quite the reaction it did.

SGC: Can you think of moment where you had to stop and think, “this is my life!”?

JM: I think this happens at least once a day.

SGC: You’re teaming up with Paul Brandt and Dean Brody on the “Road Trip Tour” later this year, how excited for that are you!?

JM:Very! Paul was the first concert I ever attended in my life. So it’s a pretty cool feeling to have come full circle and now play my first arena shows with him and Dean.

SGC: Summer festival season is coming up and you’ve got quite a busy tour schedule including Cavendish Beach Music Festival next week. Is there any show that you’re particularly looking forward to? Any artists you hope to catch this summer?

JM: Cavendish is pretty high on my anticipation list. I haven’t spent much time in the east, but what I have seen, I loved! As far as artists go, I’m from a tiny little town where there isn’t a whole lot of live music. So I take any opportunity I get to see anyone!

SGC: Speaking of other artists, what’s currently playing on your iPod? Who have you been listening to lately that you think people should check out?

JM: Definitely Kelsea Ballerini. Females are BACK!

SGC: What would you say has been one of the coolest moments/highlights in your career that really made you realize you had chosen the right path for yourself?

JM: Honestly, I’ve started compiling about 6 different answers to this question already. Which is an awesome problem to have. The CCMA experience last year was incredible, from the green carpet to the win to the performance. But I think it really comes down to the one-on-one interactions with the fans. I never took into consideration how much music could affect someone’s life when I first started out. I just wanted to make music. The personal stories are the icing on the cake.

SGC: Can you talk about a fan encounter that completely took you by surprise?

JM: There’s always an interesting one at every show! I think what takes me by surprise the most, are the ones that come to show after show after show, and continue to wait in line for meet and greets. I’m so lucky to have that.

SGC: What was the last picture you took with your phone?

JM: A picture of a Pinterest craft I started making last night. (BEFORE I hot glued my fingers into blisters. Ouch!)

SGC: What is the best compliment you have ever received?

JM: I had my mom and step-dad over to my new place last week and cooked for them, and mom told me how alike we were becoming. That’s the coolest thing to me.

SGC: What is the best and worst part of touring?

JM: The best is being able to play every single night and the worst is wearing make-up every single day!

SGC: Do you have any funny/horror stories of tour life?

JM: Yes. Oh gosh. So many funny stories, where do I begin? Once, I convinced Bobby Wills to let me put make-up and hair extensions and a dress and boots on him and crash Chad Brownlee’s stage. That was fun. I’ve been pretty lucky with tour life. There’s not a lot of horror stories.

SGC: What can people expect from you next?

JM: New music!
SGC: And last but not least, is there a question that you have always wanted to be asked, maybe rehearsed your answer in the mirror, and no one has ever asked it? Here's your big chance!

JM: Wow! I’ve never thought of that! I’ll have to come up with one, so you can ask me it next time.

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