Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Listen to Pistol Annie's new album Annie Up now!!

Pistol Annies, the country girl super-group comprised of Miranda Lambert (aka Lone Star Annie), Angaleena Presley (aka Holler Annie) and Ashley Monroe (Hippie Annie), are gearing up to release their new album Annie Up. The follow-up to their chart-topping debut album, Hell On Heels (it debuted at number 1 on Billboard's Top Country Albums chart) is set to be released next Tuesday, May 7th

From first single Hush Hush about getting inebriated at a dysfunctional family gathering but the family knows its best to keep the dirty little secrets hush hush to the O, Sister Where Art Thou-esque Damn Thing with banjo, washboard and possible spoon accompaniment, the new album is a great mix of catchy southern harmonies, painfully pensive airy melodic ballads (Dear Sobriety) and southern sisterhood anthems (Girls Like Us). 

Being Pretty Ain't Pretty highlights the trials and tribulations a girl's gotta go through to make herself presentable (Being pretty aint pretty/ Takes all day long/ Spend all your money/ Just to wipe it all off/ You spray on your perfume/ You spray on your tan/ Get up in the morning/ Do it over again/ Being pretty ain't pretty at all). The sexy, bluesy I Feel A Sin Coming On sounds like you may be facing some naughty temptation at any given moment. 

Don't Talk About Him, Tina is a relatable ditty trying to convince a girlfriend she's better off without an ex, to put her lipstick on and leave the cowboy behind. I Hope You're The End of My Story is a ballad of romantic heartfelt acknowledgement of finding the love of your life and hoping this is forever (Psh, who can relate to that?!). Loved By a Workin' Man is an homage to the man's man and the ways he knows how to make his woman feel like a princess (He likes to get dirty, but he cleans up good/ He drinks with his buddies, but he prays when he should/There ain't nothin' better than, being loved by a workin' man)....

Anyway, you don't need me to talk about it, the full album is streaming on Amazon so just go listen to it for yourself here: Pistol Annie's Annie Up Album

Or go to to check out all the awesome things the girls have come up with in the promotion of the new album from a comic book adventure to limited edition merch and exclusive content being unlocked through the comic book clues!!

Look for Pistol Annie's Annie Up available May 7th

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